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Evos Careless Rush Day 3 Day 1: I thought there was only BTR!

Evos Careless Rush Day 3 Day 1: I thought there was only BTR!

PMPL ID season 3 weeks 3 days 1 and last Wednesday (7/4) was exciting. This time it was clear that all the teams were playing to the fullest and no one was holding back any more.

In the temporary ranking, Aura leads with 66 points, followed by 10-point caretaker Boom Esports. Positions are subject to change as there is only a 56 point difference between the standings leader and the caretaker.

The first day of the duel yesterday showed some interesting moments. One of them was when BTRRA was pinned to an opponent in Sanhok’s Match 4.

At that time, the BTR was actually dueling with the morph, but suddenly Evos hit the back and the BTR was killed.

Unfortunately, Evos made a careless decision by continuing to push. After that, they got stuck in the face of three direct teams and were eventually sent home.

Evos should have won the duel, but they made the wrong decision. So how does Evos explain?

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Description of Microboy

After defeating BTR RA, Evos was supposed to stay behind the compound, but Microboy decided to continue in a hurry.

Microboy himself finally returned home early, followed by three other Evos players.

The night after the match, Microboy explained his decision at a NimoTV live stream session.

He admits that the decision was sloppy, but at that time Evos did not think there were two different teams in the compound.

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“I also thought of the team at the hill and at home. I found that the teams were different. There is another team underneath,” explained Microboy.

“We are at war with DU, SG and Onic. Three direct teams, the result of us dying,” he concludes.

As a result, on the 3rd day of the 1st week of yesterday, Evos got only 18 points and got stuck in 15th place. Can they bounce off the second day of today’s spinners?

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